We live in the world of rapid growth with the expectations that resources would take on more responsibility as early as possible. Rapidly growing firms often struggle at the transition of resources from lower to middle level of management. Often such progression is attributed more to the growth in the pyramid of the firm and less to the maturity of the individual in question.

This workshop is intended to strengthen team leaders who form the base of the firm's management. It will ensure a sound theoretical foundation in the areas of problem solving, project management, business communication, and managing oneself. This will equip the participants to not only do their current job of that of a team leader well but also prepare them to be better managers in the future.

The workshop covers a wide range of topics including effective communication, structured problem solving, business etiquette, time management and project planning. As a result, the participants will have a solid baseline to begin their managerial career. The firm can then expect them to discover depth of these topics through other forums such as "deep-dive" workshops as well as "on-the-job" learning.