Intrapreneurs are people who think and act like entrepreneurs while working for a larger firm. Intrapreneurs take the initiative on their own to create new products/services for their firm, while still abiding by its mission, values and objectives. Intrapreneurs do need the courage and desire to pursue an idea that they believe will benefit their firm and its clients. This two-day workshop is aimed at introducing and increasing the awareness about Intrapreneurship. It defines Intrapreneurship and suggests a process to practice intrapreneurial skills. In turn, the workshop introduces participants to many useful techniques and tools. It concludes by revising the building blocks of a business case which is typically used by intrapreneurs to present a viable business idea. This workshop is a build-up on the two-day workshop on Business Acumen which is the pre-requisite for this workshop.

Workshop objectives
  1. To understand from taking a business idea from its conception to its implementation.
  2. To understand various tools and techniques used by intrapreneurs.
  3. To understand which synergies within the organization can be used to benefit the business.