The Fundamentals of Financial Risk program is a boot camp conducted over four days spread across two weeks. This staggered schedule helps participants absorb concepts and balance their day-to-day commitments. The boot camp has a theme for each day which is covered through classroom discussions, case studies, simulations, and assignments. To ensure success of the boot camp, participants are expected to know some basics necessary to understand the concepts covered during the sessions. The boot camp ends with a written exam consisting of multiple choice questions. Its primary purpose is to check if the participants have retained concepts. Beyond the boot camp, all participants have access to a set of on-line video courses. This helps them retain as well as refresh concepts as and when their daily tasks require them.

Learning objectives

The boot camp has the following learning objectives:

  1. To understand financial markets and products.
  2. To understand how trading and pricing of products takes place.
  3. To get an overview of key types of risks and understand how to manage them.
  4. To get an overview of regulations and regulatory environment.