Financial Business Process Analysis includes understanding, documenting, auditing, improving and transforming simple and complex business processes in financial services organizations. We provide solutions and detailed implementation plans to address the specific needs of our clients.

Case Study 1

One of the top ten information technology firms in the world approached ETC Partners to map securities lending business processes. It wished to use that to improve understanding of its technology resources and in the process showcase its capabilities to its investment banking clients. We conducted a series of interviews with senior technologists from the firm to get a better context. We coupled the findings with our expertise in the field of securities lending to define a set of business processes. The output is a set of web-based navigable process flows with relevant examples and case studies embedded in them.

Case Study 2

A leading commercial bank wanted to increase profitability of their Funds services division. We analysed and audited the entire workflow using Lean Six Sigma principles and completed the Activity-based-costing (ABC) analysis of each step of the workflow. This helped identify redundant and inefficient processes as well as opportunities for automation. The ABC exercise also highlighted an issue with incorrect pricing of the services provided. The output was implementation of completely redesigned business processes with automation where required and a new tiered pricing structure that helped the division significantly increase their profitability.